Bulldog Resume Testimonials

"I have worked for Intel for 11 years as a Tech Writer. I understand the importance of details. Bulldog Resume did an excellent job writing my cover letter and resume. To write a resume for someone who writes manuals for a living must have been a challenge. I could not find the proper words to promote my skills, and you nailed it!"

- Mike B.
Dallas, TX

"Thanks Bulldog Resume. I have had many resumes over the years; I couldn´t believe you condensed it to two pages, every time I tried, it never came out right. I sent the resume you developed to 5 companies, and got 3 calls. Thanks"

- Ali B
Charleston, WV.

"We´ll, I must say, I was a skeptic having my resume written by a professional. When I decided I needed help, I asked a friend who they new and they referred me to Bulldogresume.com. First of all, excellent web site! I new I chose the right service after reviewing it. As for the resume, excellent job, I am very confident I will get interviews now. I also elected to do 1 hour of interview training. Again excellent job, Jack helped me prepare questions and answers I would have never thought of, real professional"

- Suzan M
Ft. Lauderdale Fl

"I have been in the chemical sales business for 20 plus years. I have accumulated a lot of skills and accomplishments in this time. Bulldog has helped me twice with my resume, and I have no complaints. It is amazing what a difference it makes when it´s done right. Thanks Bulldog Resume, Talk to you soon."

- Joe A
Cleveland, Ohio

"I am a Machinist with 15 years of experience. I found myself unemployed with no clue how two write a resume or a cover letter. Thankfully, my employer gave me your phone number. Thanks for all you help and the quality resume. I found a job and am certain I owe it to Bulldog."

- Stanley W
Milwaukee WI

"Bulldog Resume was a tremendous help in getting me my current position in software sales. I had been sending my resume out with no luck and then I turned to Bulldog. Not only did I start getting interviews, they were with companies I never thought I had a shot at. I would strongly recommend Bulldog´s Resume, thanks for the help!"

- Chris J (Software Sales)
Tampa, FL